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hAvE thE right to Do

have the right to do 有权做 拼音双语对照 双语例句 1 So I have the right to do whatever I want to. 所以我有权利做我想要做的事。

可以加名词。 have the right to an attorney.有权请律师 have the right to different futures.有权拥有不同的未来

have the right to do something 有权做什么 例句: But just because you have the right to do something doesn't make it wise. 但仅仅因为有权这样做,并不说明这样做就是明智的


to the all the yesterday, anther good day anther bad day,did you do ...Another right turn ,another lesson learned 下一个右转 另一个教训 Never leave...

应该是have the rights to , 相近表达方式: be entitled to do.. 就是entitle这个词。

have the right to make decision, cause I am the godfather until my death...what does all this have to do with me? 那就杀了他吧。这一切跟我有...

it's the only thing to do 舍此无它 Just one...then my heart just won't let me be right....i give my all 2 have.我愿付出我的所有。just ...

have got to = have to do . 不得不做某事. 如:I have got to go. 我得走了. have got (现在完成时)已经得到. 如:I have got the book. 我得到那本书了.

If you wanna feel the same如果你想同样的感觉 you right now But hey, what daddy always ...we gon' do it Laney uncles crazy, aint he? ...

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