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Consider your resources. Your imagination might be limited, but chances are, your budget and your talent are not. When brainstorming a new idea for a cartoon, keep in mind how much you can afford to invest in the process and wh...

There are many kinds of stories in comic strips. In my opinion, reading comic strips is interesting. When I was young, I had few friends in our neighbourhood, so my father bought me a lot of comic strips . In these books I lear...

亲爱的楼主: 【以下为范文,字数较多,你可以摘抄】 I like to read comic books, when I had just got home, will jump into a pile of comic books sitting in bed, opened a comic books, read with relish. Our class in the case of my co...

字面翻译是 漫画,欢迎到单位来。 希望能给出上下文,否则很难猜出意思来

I have a happy family, there are three people in my family, my father, my mother and I. I go to school from Monday to Friday, on the weekends, I will go out with my parents, they always take me to different restaurants, we will...



不一样的意思: think of... 有想出一个什么东西的意思 think about...是“想想”的意思 think of--创造一段动画是要想出一个布局。 think about--创造一段动画是要想想一个布局。 因此,这里think of应该比较适合。

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