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你好! 互相伤害 Hurting each other

Since still in love, why choose to hurt each other 这个中文没有主语,所以我在翻译的时候选择了省略主语 还爱,用still in love 请参考

We used to love each other but in the end we were doing harm to each other.

can we stop hurting each other? 我们可不可以不要在伤害对方 why can't we both stop hurting each other? 为什么我们俩不能停止伤害对方呢?

bonnie tyler - total eclipse of the heart 歌词: 转过身,每当我感觉寂寞的时刻你从没来过, 转过身,每当我疲倦的听着自己眼泪滴落的声音. 转过身,每当我紧张的感到黄金的岁月流逝而去 . 转过身,每当我感到害怕望进你眼中. 转过身,明亮的眼睛....

敞开胸怀互相伤害 Open minded to hurt each other 敞开胸怀互相伤害 Open minded to hurt each other

互相伤害 Mutual injury mutual 英 [ˈmju:tʃuəl] 美 [ˈmjutʃuəl] adj. 相互的;共同的;共有的;彼此的

这个还得看语境。也可以是instead of hurting each other、rather than hurting each other等。

When two people are fall in love with each other ,they are eager for illimited honey kiss, but, why they hurt each other by the kissed mouth when qualleling?

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